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Standardization of waste paper names makes waste paper information more standardized and transparent

the names of waste paper varieties are relatively rich, some can be understood at a glance, and some can only be guessed. However, if the names of waste paper can be standardized, and the waste paper price can be expressed as accurately as the stock market, the waste paper price information will be more valuable and profound

China has a vast territory, north, South, West and East. The same thing is called differently. Wonton, which is often eaten by everyone, has further increased its brand popularity and beeps after each experiment. There are also wonton called "hand copying, flat meat, wonton, noodles..."

many things, called habits, are also used to them, but have become local characteristics

waste paper, which is common to everyone, has also derived rich names because of its different "qualities". Let's look at the following waste paper price information -

the names appearing on it, yellow board, Tonghuo, page paper, kengka, floret, paper skin, box board, supermarket paper, pure beer box... There are 21 kinds in a large number. Plus, the names of waste paper varieties are differentiated according to the content proportion. The company has established Yongxing new energy in Yifeng County, Jiangxi Province, which is too rich. All the names that appear are listed below -

some of the names above can be understood at a glance, and some can only be guessed. Your commonly used name, in another place, may have another name

In the Internet era, we not only want to see the text information of the market, but also expect the standardization of waste paper names, so that we can compare with the same caliber. If so, waste paper price information will be more valuable

all the information publishing methods that make it difficult for the public to understand are all hooligans

who can express the price of waste paper as accurately as the stock market will become the pioneer of this category

as for the standard classification of waste paper, there is a ready-made national standard - "waste paper classification grade specification sb/t"

the national standard has divided waste paper into 8 categories according to its source and use: ① waste carton (level 1-4), ② waste newspaper (level 1-4), ③ waste copper printing paper (level 1-3), ④ waste paper (level 1-3), ⑤ waste kraft paper (level 1-2), ⑥ paperboard (level 1-2), ⑦ waste books and magazines (level 1-3), ⑧ special waste paper

the above standards are listed below, which can be seen more clearly. On the whole, it basically conforms to the existing waste paper classification characteristics

but in reality, the situation is very complex. Although there are many waste paper states that do not meet the above classification, there are still a large number of transactions, such as waste white paper and the mixing of the above eight kinds of waste paper

therefore, on the basis of the national standard, add two categories of "waste paper" and "mixed waste paper", and the whole classification system will be closer to the actual situation. In this way, the following 10 waste paper categories, 2-4 grades, a total of 32 price varieties, should be able to cover 90% of the waste paper trading varieties. As shown in the following figure:

since the name and level have been standardized, fill the price in the corresponding grid according to the market of waste paper all over the country. Does this comparison look clearer

so far, the process of integration from mixed waste paper names to standardized names has been completed. Review 1 The company's system software supports windows 9x/nt/me/2000/xp and other windows operating systems, as shown in the following figure:

from now on, it would be better if the waste paper quotations from all over the country were presented to you in the above way

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