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Reza: 11 more! Shanxi marketing pioneer cheered for the "hundred day battle"

on May 26, 2020, the first batch of 10 Reza mixers and 1 Reza pump truck equipped with Foton chassis technology were officially delivered to Shanxi Taiyuan Yujing mixing station. This is the second batch delivery of Reza heavy machinery this week

△ 11 sets of LESA equipment were delivered to Shanxi

as a diamond customer of competitive products of LESA heavy machinery, the Yujing mixing station purchased a total of five LESA pump trucks and 20 mixing trucks, which is the largest order signed by LESA heavy machinery in Taiyuan concrete industry so far in 2020. The successful signing of this order is the next city of the nonstop hundred day battle

△ delivery of mixer/pump truck

in March 2020, Reza heavy machinery launched the 100 day battle plan. As the main promoter of the activity, the marketing and service personnel of Reza heavy machinery went deep into the market and gave full play to the marketing spirit of win, diligence and speed, which not only created miracles of orders, but also won the trust of customers. The conclusion of this order is not only a victory in the hundred day battlefield, but also a great praise for the spirit of the salesperson. 6. Strictly implementing the annual inspection system

sharpen a sword in ten years and change one heart in four years. The reason why Hao Xiaolong's team can finally stand out from many competitors in the same industry is that they think what customers want, are anxious about what customers want, and stubbornly exchange patience for sincerity

△ Hao Xiaolong (right) and Jing zengbo (left), pump marketing manager of rexa heavy machinery Jinmeng marketing department

since 2016, Hao Xiaolong has led the marketing team to provide value-added services to customers. Irregular door-to-door services to solve competitive products, help customers solve the needs of accessories, and make an average of three or four on-site visits a week to understand customer needs. For four years, Hao Xiaolong traveled hundreds of kilometers between the company and customers at two o'clock every week, taking customers' affairs as his own. In order to dispel customers' purchasing concerns, take customers to visit benchmark customers and see actual construction cases, so that customers can use them. At the same time, it also makes vehicle modular design and rapid trial production possible. Through personal experience, we can slowly accumulate the confidence that lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries can be replaced by drips

four years, too much energy and time will also cause anxiety, Hao Xiaolong said. But what's the reason to give up when things start? Every marketer in Reza has the spirit of not giving up until the goal is achieved. Only by working harder and faster towards the goal can we surpass more competitors in the market. Such as

no step, no even a thousand miles. Take four years to maintain a good customer, and then reach cooperation and deliver orders. This may be the key for Reza marketers to still get big orders after the pandemic

the hundred day battle is in full swing. The first-line marketing officers and men of Reza adhere to the spirit of honesty and long-term persistence, the customer-centered service concept, and the determination to spare no effort to deeply cultivate the market, helping Reza heavy machinery products continue to win the favor of partners, and strengthening the confidence of new and old users to continue to cooperate with Reza heavy machinery. We believe that the hundred day battle will win the final victory by adhering to the hundred day goal, reasonably arranging production and ensuring the delivery of orders, continuously improving the quality of product manufacturing, and implementing the service concept of "traveling with one heart and enjoying worry free intelligence". All fronts will unite as one and go all out

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