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Reza heavy machinery: Super Engineering Archives - urban environmental protection "guard"

Reza heavy machinery: Super Engineering Archives - urban environmental protection "guard"

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the city is indeed like a living body - high buildings, roads and bridges, streets and alleys, traffic flow, and people constitute its flesh and blood, emotion, and breathing. Just analyze how to apply the universal testing machine in the automotive industry? Only by taking care of it can the city remain healthy forever

protecting the environment should not just talk about

in the spring of 2018, in response to the national low-carbon and environmental protection requirements, Sichuan Zhongjian environmental protection commercial concrete and gravel mixing plant made a major decision. At present, it is decided to transform the existing open-air mixing plant, build a new environmental protection mixing plant covered by a large steel structure framework, isolate the mixing site from the outside world, control the dust within a specific range, and improve the height of environmental protection

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this environmental protection project has invested hundreds of millions of yuan in order to better protect the environment. No matter how large the investment is, it also puts forward higher quality requirements for the project. Because it is a steel structure, and the construction process is linked, the aerial operation project is more than 10 points, the construction is very difficult, and it also puts forward higher requirements for lifting equipment

for an environmental protection project, the construction process should also strive for environmental protection. After layer by layer screening and many investigations, the Reza crane was finally determined as the main hoisting equipment of the project and participated in the construction throughout the process

green Reza bravely undertakes the important task of "environmental sanitation"

the unique advantages of Reza crane lie in its ultra-high stability and strong continuous operation ability, which meet the requirements of the construction party in terms of high standards, efficiency and safety. It also makes Reza once again become a defender in the field of environmental protection, walking at the front end of the ecological priority and green development road

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at the construction site of Sichuan Zhongjian environmental protection commercial concrete and gravel mixing plant, one X-Series and two q-series Reza cranes are busy in a tense and orderly manner. In order to reduce air connection projects, each steel structure component is tens to hundreds of meters long. Hoisting to the air assembly position requires at least three crane teams to operate and hoist synchronously. This also brings a test to the hoisting work, which requires both stable balance and tacit cooperation to meet the requirements of high-precision assembly and long-term operation. With the skilled cooperation of the operators, Reza crane has successfully completed the hoisting task of the super long steel structure frame time and again with its high-performance and intelligent design, and won the praise and trust of the construction unit

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Reza crane not only participates in the construction of green environmental protection projects, but also has long been at the forefront of the times and technology in environmental protection. As early as 2016, Reza heavy machinery, with green power as its engine, developed and manufactured "a complete set of green environmental protection concrete construction equipment with a thermal conductivity of 1.0 ⑴. 3 and low-temperature impact performance w/m.k at a price of 30 yuan", opening a new era of "national five year plan" emission standards. Today, Reza still sticks to its original intention and moves forward on the road of environmental protection

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