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Summarize the development status of China's drug packaging market

for any patient, it is extremely prudent to choose which drug or treatment. While the use of mouth is now mainly engaged in small-scale packaging and processing of pharmaceutical products for internal use, in addition to drug properties, its safety, health and credibility are also important psychological barriers for consumers. Famous pharmaceutical factories all over the world, in addition to the effectiveness of the drug itself has been tested and affirmed countless times, the whole pharmaceutical process emphasizes sterile production and highly hygienic packaging, and they have all made countless customers' confidence with all this

traditional Chinese medicine treats diseases by prescribing and boiling into medicine, which has been vigorously promoted by the government in recent years. Citing the theory of Chinese medicine with Western technology, a variety of good prescriptions for treating diseases are by no means inferior to the effectiveness of Western medicine. But when it comes to the popularity and circulation, it is far less convenient than the ready-made western medicine, which can be bought at any time and carried with you. For this reason, the traditional Chinese medicine industry is actively developing new pharmaceutical methods, refining the herbal medicines in various prescriptions into pills or liquid medicine packaging, which is convenient for wholesale and retail, so as to open up the situation of popularization of traditional Chinese medicine

although some old drug stores with a long history have established a fixed market, they have failed to further expand their market share due to the uneven and ancient packaging quality. On the contrary, some time-honored brands that can be old and new, while taking advantage of the further acceptance and affirmation of traditional Chinese medicine by the West and the new generation of young people, have made great efforts in packaging, achieving both inside and outside, replacing new packaging and expanding new levels of the market

attractive packaging can improve the brand image of products, which has long been proved in all kinds of commodities. PET plastic bottles are used as packaging materials by major foreign pharmaceutical companies. According to Mr. Yu Zixiong, the head of Hong Kong nylon Enterprise Co., Ltd., the Chinese agent of Nissin ASB Machinery Co., Ltd., a famous Japanese manufacturer of PET bottle blowing equipment, the injection and blow molding PET bottle has the following advantages:

◆ pet (polyethylene terephthalate) has no chemical reaction with most drugs, which does not affect the stability of drugs. The highly transparent bottle body is comparable to the glass bottle, allowing users to clearly see the quality of drugs

◆ the high air permeability makes the medicine maintain the best effect

◆ the bottle is light and convenient for consumers to carry; It can greatly reduce the transportation cost

◆ PET plastic is characterized by high toughness, can withstand impact, is not easy to break, and is safer and more reliable than glass bottles; It can reduce the damage during transportation

◆ the accurate screw neck is injection molded, with high precision, matching L3 - total length 115; L2 - initial distance between clamps 80 ± 5; L1 - length of parallel part 33 ± 2; L0 - distance between markings 25 ± 0.25; R -- large radius 25 ± 2; R -- small radius 14 ± 1; B - width of parallel part 6 ± 0.4; B1 - end width 25 ± 1; D1 - thickness (see 6.1) unit; Mm anti-theft cover, which can greatly improve its sealing, not only leak proof, but also ensure safety

◆ beautiful appearance, which greatly improves the grade and brand image of drugs

take eye drops for external use as an example, most of the drug packaging has been converted to PET bottles. Eyes are our important organs, and users have higher safety requirements for drugs directly used in the eyes. Let users clearly see the hygiene degree and quality of the drugs in the bottle, and it is not easy to break and easy to carry everyday. PET bottle is one of the best choices

Mr. Yu said that their customers such as Shenzhen pharmaceutical factory and Zhuhai United Laboratories factory have already developed pet bottle production lines, using packaging to enhance the company's brand image and improve production efficiency. Together with PET bottles and plastic bottle caps engraved with the company's trademark, it can prevent counterfeiting, highlight the company's advantages and help publicity

plastic packaging has been constantly improved, such as the recently popular oral liquid with medical and health care functions at home and abroad. Some manufacturers have also replaced brand-new packaging - PP plastic bottles, which have entered the modern and younger market and face fierce competition. The old-fashioned oral liquid is packed in glass bottles or opaque medicine bottles. When opening the glass bottles, it is troublesome and dangerous. If it is not done well, the glass powder with part of the bottleneck falls into the medicine, which makes users feel very uneasy. Similarly, opaque medicine bottles, users can not see the quality of drugs, also lack a sense of security. PP plastic bottles are suitable for drugs or oral liquids that need high-temperature disinfection; After biaxial stretching, the bottle blowing process using ASB can change the orientation surface of the micro crystal basic structure in PP, which can improve the transparency, strength, hardness and gloss of PP bottles, and combine their aesthetics and practicality, becoming the trend of a new generation of packaging methods

in addition to the proprietary drugs in the market, the input liquid (commonly known as glucose) used by general inpatients has almost completely used PP plastic bottles to replace the traditional glass bottles or soft packaging bags, which all cite its advantages of being not easy to break, high transparency, disposable after use, sanitary and clean, and convenient transportation

the high-quality and beautiful packaging is not only heavily sealed with colorful packaging paper, so that it can be clearly and completely displayed in front of our eyes, but also has its attraction. Mr. Yu believes that with China's entry into the WTO, it is bound to participate in international competition and face the major challenges of foreign pharmaceutical enterprises with huge funds and powerful technology

in the highly competitive international market, in addition to the continuous improvement of prescriptions inside, the external packaging publicity of Chinese medical technology is also becoming more and more important. Due to the rise in the price of oil, the price of PE and PP made of oil has increased, while the price of PVC is stable, giving PVC based plastic wood composites a development opportunity. The packaging method will be popular, and the market will always be the largest

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