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Reza heavy machinery Beijing Huairou put into production Foton wants to replicate the successful model

Reza heavy machinery Beijing Huairou put into production Foton wants to replicate the successful model

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in the domestic construction machinery industry that dominates the market, such as Sany Heavy Industry and Zoomlion Heavy Industry, it is expected to add another dark horse, which is Reza heavy machinery under Foton automobile group, which has just been put into production in Huairou, Beijing

on March 22, a tasting meeting for the clean energy construction equipment of Lesa Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. was held in the newly built Futian LESA heavy machinery factory in Huairou. The Beijing factory of Lesa Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. was also officially put into operation. This is a contactless, low emission, intelligent chemical plant. It is reported that the contactless intelligent lean production mode has been popularized in Futian Automobile

contactless, low emission, intelligent workshop

this Reza heavy machinery factory, which is adjacent to the Foton Daimler factory in Huairou, Beijing, is another modern environmental protection and efficient factory for the opaque 3-phenylmethane copolyester mxf121 material developed by Foton automobile construction Eastman, which does not add BPA, halogen and plasticizer in the production. It is an intelligent heavy machinery manufacturing base, covering an area of 800 mu, with a total investment of 2billion yuan The annual production capacity is 4500 sets. In order to meet the increasingly urgent domestic demand for energy conservation and environmental protection, the plant will develop clean energy (LNG) as the core construction project of products

in the non-contact, low emission and intelligent production mode, more key processes have been replaced by intelligent robots. Therefore, in Futian's manufacturing workshop, fewer and fewer workers are seen, replaced by intelligent robots with higher efficiency and accuracy

the intellectualization of modern automobile production workshops has also been carried out by the newly-built Reza heavy machinery factory in Futian. However, Matthias Scheffler does not doubt that big data will help achieve this goal in purchasing and assembling. In the welding workshop, 11 intelligent robots have the ability of high intelligence and high accuracy, which effectively ensures the reliability of their products

the introduction of contactless, low emission and intelligent production has laid a solid foundation for Foton automobile to comprehensively improve its manufacturing capacity and efficiency. The continuous improvement of lean production mode on the basis of contactless, low emission and intelligent manufacturing has also greatly improved the level of Foton automobile manufacturing process

clean and efficient help control haze

although cars are not the most direct and biggest factor in haze, it is the consensus of the automotive industry that controlling haze and reducing this innovative technology are the world's first automotive emissions. For example, the emission of large trucks and engineering machinery in or around Beijing suburbs is obvious for air pollution. Therefore, with the improvement of oil and emission levels, the heavy vehicle industry should continue to produce more environmentally friendly products

as a rising construction machinery enterprise, Foton Reza heavy machinery saw from the beginning that clean energy products will be the future trend, and made efforts to create such products suitable for the future market. At the rexa heavy machinery clean energy construction equipment appreciation meeting, rexa heavy machinery unveiled two new products serving the construction of clean energy, which are strategic products based on the integrated value of rexa heavy machinery

it is reported that as one of the six major industries of Foton automobile group, Reza heavy machinery products rely on Foton Daimler heavy truck chassis technology, inherit the concepts of Sino German scientific research and development, design and manufacturing, and constantly innovate in product research and development, production and service fields, so that the quality of products is continuously improved, and has the outstanding advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection, providing products for the construction of clean energy such as hydropower, wind energy and nuclear energy Service integration solution

Zhao Jingguang, deputy secretary of the Party committee and spokesman of Foton Motor, said at the taste meeting that the new factory of Reza heavy machinery is a "green factory" focused by Foton Motor. The factory not only realizes contactless and intelligent production of production lines with leading automation equipment in the world, but also adopts clean energy in the production process, realizing low emissions. This plant will focus on the production of equipment for the development and construction of clean energy, and provide construction equipment support for clean energy construction units

can Reza heavy machinery successfully replicate Foton

"Sany Heavy Industry and Zoomlion now dominate the market. Reza is later. The brand still needs to be constantly built. We need to understand and use the products slowly before we can make a big order." At the Reza heavy machinery appreciation meeting, an invited construction machinery leasing business owner presented China's economic analysis

for Foton automobile, after several years of preparation, it has extended its tentacles to the construction machinery industry. Relying on its keen market awareness, it continues to tap market segments, seize market gaps and achieve success. It is Foton automobile's ability to start and develop rapidly. Can Foton replicate its success in other fields to the construction machinery industry

as a rising enterprise, we must see the future market and try our best to bypass the traditional constraints

therefore, Foton rexa heavy machinery starts from the high-end products of clean energy construction, and uses the original mature heavy truck business to expand the related fields. Its chassis and other core components are directly provided by Foton Auman heavy truck. The core links of R & D, sales and service realize the resource sharing with the heavy truck business, and create a gold value chain of integrated production and service. For example, The Auman heavy truck of Foton Daimler chassis technology has been expanded to the lifting and pumping industries, and is directly applied to Reza heavy machinery products

at present, the construction machinery industry has entered an era of full competition. Although the established enterprises have certain advantages, such as Sany, Zoomlion, XCMG, etc., it does not mean that the latecomers will not have the opportunity, especially for enterprises such as Foton automobile, whose success in each market segment such as light truck and heavy truck is a living example of catching up from behind

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