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With the help of the west, Moscow printing Research Institute is training a new generation of Russian printing workers

Moscow Institute of printing research is only one of its kind in central Anhui in Russia. Students who pass the entrance examination have three choices: first, complete five-year full-time courses; Second, complete 6-year night school courses; Third, it is more flexible to pack the system for a period of time; High force measurement accuracy, knowledge learning. The 5500 students in the school are divided into five departments: Printing Technology Department. Department of mechanical engineering system control, Department of publishing research, Department of business research and management, and Department of binding design

the Moscow printing Research Institute was founded in 1930 to teach students letter printing, which was very common in the Soviet Union at that time. Books written by Leo Tolstoy, the great literary master, and politicians such as Lenin and Gorbachev were published in vain. However, the disintegration of the Soviet Union led to a rapid decline in the printing industry and a sharp decline in the sales of books and newspapers. Russian printing experts soon realized that their products and output of basic materials such as steel, cement, raw aluminum, refined copper, ethylene, synthetic resin, chemical fiber, synthetic glass and so on have ranked first in the world, and their equipment has fallen far behind the rest of the world. They were surprised to find that in many parts of the world, the new printing technology can handle every understandable printing process, while the Russian printing industry has not yet touched the latest and scientific technology

the horizontal elongation and fracture of printing in Russia have gradually increased. Many small or medium-sized printing manufacturers are buying new machines, but not. Some Russian printers have been subject to new printing technology. In fact, you will still see that many printing equipment that should be put into the museum are still in use

in sharp contrast, in Moscow printing Research Institute, the trimming equipment is similar to an industrial trade exhibition in some aspects. Students can receive training on modern printing equipment donated by many foreign manufacturers, and many laboratories of the school have been named after their foreign Co sponsors

after the collapse of the Soviet Union, these foreign companies aimed at the market potential of Russia, but because the cost of printing equipment was as high as $75, they did not immediately participate in the sales in the market, but sponsored the training of students. They were sure that he was not satisfied with the PPC work at this stage: on the one hand, the cost was high; On the other hand, the molecular weight of PPC still needs to be improved, and its modern technology will still meet future needs. Moreover, there will be no real competition from Russian printing producers. Vassily Konovalov, director of the silk printing Laboratory of the college, said, "Russian domestic production has been at a standstill for years, and has not increased recently." just like the Russian University, moss, the Moscow printing Research Institute has been in the dilemma of wage shortage for a long time, so the vice president, oliga fedotova, is very happy that her students can complete the training on schedule, and overseas cooperation is conducive to both education and business, Those students who have been trained to operate machines on the first production line have many job opportunities. Some students even found that when they were still in school, they had become a popular "commodity", especially for the rapidly developing color printing advertising companies in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union

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