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OwensCorning, the world's leading producer of fiberglass reinforcements for composite systems, announced today at the jeccompositicesshow that the company has taken the lead in developing a new solution, It can help manufacturers of kitchen utensils and food processing equipment meet the requirements of upcoming European regulations in terms of glass fibers used in food and drinking water contact materials

Owens Corning's foodcontact glass fiber solution for reinforced plastics is designed to be used for low-temperature end face friction and wear testing machine for measuring temperature rise, friction coefficient and other values of consumer appliances and food manufacturing products. The screen displays end face friction and wear testing machine, such as kitchen appliances and kitchen utensils with small kitchen range and scattered rooms; Coffee machine; Food pretreatment equipment; Batching tank; And drinking water system

stevezirkel, global thermoplastic business director of Owens Corning composite solutions, said: "early understanding of the market and regulations allows us to help customers reduce the risk of disruption when they strive to comply."

reinforcing materials are developed to achieve the best performance in high temperature resins, such as PPS and LCP, PPO, PA and polyester based resins PBT and pet. It is introduced as a glass fiber reinforced material in the form of cutting strands, which can be applied to thermoplastic resins. It will become the first product on the market to comply with the upcoming 2016 European Commission regulation, which mainly targets glass fiber adhesives, chemical composition and good manufacturing practice (GMP)

zirkel added: "GMP requirements will enable companies to shoulder greater responsibilities in their entire supply chain. With Owens Corning's foodco to meet the growing demand for such forward-looking materials, tact products, formulators and manufacturers can be assured of meeting European Commission standards and providing high performance."

foodcontact fiberglass solutions have been developed taking into account the supply chain, ensuring a seamless transition from existing reinforcements to new compliance materials. Owens Corning cooperates with its thermoplastic customers, custom molders, design companies and product OEMs to fully understand the performance requirements that the product needs to meet

zirkel went on to say, "sharing our understanding of regulations and our expertise in material science with customers and supplying high-quality products will bring them a competitive advantage. We hope our customers will be successful and everlasting."

foodco has cultivated more than 8 industry leading enterprises with international competitiveness and brand influence. The launch of ntact glass fiber solution further reflects Owens Corning's in-depth understanding of the latest food and drinking water safety regulations and their impact on the supply chain. This proves the company's commitment to the European market, because the company is determined to provide safe, reliable and environmentally friendly high-performance materials in manufacturing, use and treatment

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