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P & G filed a lawsuit against Kraft, claiming that it infringed the patent of coffee packaging

financial circles station, August 28, according to Reuters, the U.S. consumer goods manufacturer P & G (PG) said on Monday that it filed a lawsuit against food manufacturer Kraft Foods, claiming that the new plastic packaging of Maxwell's coffee, owned by the latter, infringed the packaging patent of P & G's Folgers coffee

P & G said in a statement that its plastic coffee cans launched in 2003 have many innovations protected by patents. Folgers plastic cans have fast pressing lids and check valves to preserve freshness

in the statement sent by e-mail, kraft spokesperson Renee Lou Huafen and Gao Xizhu signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties. Zahery said that many old customers of the company could see the product signs and had not had the opportunity to discuss the lawsuit

zahery said: I can tell you that Kraft respects the valid patent rights of other companies and complies with all applicable U.S. patent laws

P & G said that the company had filed a lawsuit in the District Court of San Francisco, seeking to order Kraft to stop selling new Maxwell coffee packages and make up for the losses

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