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Owens Corning, a world-famous supplier of building materials and glass fiber composites, has recently established a fiber technology advanced equipment center in Zela, Belgium

the center will be equipped with medium and large production equipment that can develop, test and evaluate new technologies. In addition to the machines and equipment for knitting, sewing and assembling three-dimensional braided fibers, the Owens Corning self built center, which covers an area of 5500 square meters (about 60000 square feet. It can be seen from the above that the experimental machine is a kind of equipment that plays a very important role in production activities), will also have a laboratory to specially test the performance of fibers in injection molding and other closed mold molding processes

ocvtm fiber technology center's vice president, manager marknevira, said: "This center is a special advanced equipment center for partners and customers. By using these top-level technical equipment, we can work more closely with our partners and customers to develop new fibers. At the same time, focusing our research and development of new fibers on Zela makes our production planning more flexible. If necessary, we can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a day. Experts of the center It can also further improve the quality and standards of manufacturing equipment and provide better services to customers. "

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