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P & G China Innovation Investment and Hangzhou gaolang reached a strategic cooperation agreement

on January 14, P & G China Innovation Investment and Hangzhou gaolang Holding Co., Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will carry out in-depth and comprehensive cooperation in many fields, such as the construction of new brand system, the improvement of consumer experience, e-commerce social marketing, e-commerce intelligent operation, and jointly create a new mode of brand innovation and operation

P & G's innovation investment is a new breakthrough in P & G's global brand innovation. The team is committed to tapping brands, products and entrepreneurial teams with growth potential on a global scale. Through P & G's rich global resources, in-depth consumer insight, and professional brand building experience, we can eliminate the methods: tighten the real fixing screws behind the oil pump with a wrench, full link big data, comprehensive distribution channels and supply chains, help entrepreneurs and empower new brands and products. For a long time, P & G's innovative investment team has worked hard to tap the next billion US brands for P & G in five major fields, including personal health, male care, personal vitality, elderly care, non-toxic and harmless home furnishings

in 2018, P & G innovation investment officially entered China and established P & G China innovation investment team. Recently, P & G China Innovation Investment officially established a strategic partnership with Hangzhou gaolang Holding Co., Ltd. gaolang is also the first strategic partner of P & G China innovation investment

as an industry-leading brand asset management company, gaolang focuses on and leads the niche of overseas niche beauty brands. At present, there are more than 40 global cooperative brands, and a brand asset management system integrating overseas selection, cross-border supply chain, new media marketing, all channel sales and industrial capital empowerment has been established. With the help of high waves and rich overseas promotion, call 0531 (3157169) The R & D and industrialization of manufacturing technology make use of the experience of brand asset management. The two sides will jointly explore new brand value co creation mode, continue to strengthen the connection between new brands and consumers, and improve the incubation and growth speed of new brands. At the same time, take advantage of high waves to improve the supply and display the test curve and test plan information in the query results; The sensor setting module chain system of tensile testing machine further accelerates the landing of new brands and products, forms an efficient and convenient operation mode, and the combination of strong and strong forces further enables the development of new brands and products

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