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Owell will participate in the 12th International Exhibition of industrial control automation in South China

the 19th When the operation is completed, you can open the door to take the test products after the machine stops completely. The 2nd International Exhibition of industrial control automation in South China will be held in June 2008 On June 27, it was grandly held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, China

the international exhibition of industrial control automation in South China is known as one of the largest, authoritative and professional automation exhibitions in China and Asia. It has successfully held the 11th session before, and has been known as the grand event of the automation industry. South China is the largest manufacturing base in China, bringing together more than 30 leading industrial manufacturers. This exhibition will become a good exchange and trading platform for consolidating and developing the automation market in South China

the theme of this exhibition mainly focuses on the industrial control automation industry, including: PLC, automatic control system and equipment, man-machine interface, industrial computer and configuration software, industrial Ethernet, servo system and other industries related to industrial control

owell, as a member of Japan Co., Ltd., will also appear in this exhibition. Its 5-phase stepping motor and other products will meet with the majority of users in this exhibition. You are warmly welcome to visit and guide at that time

exhibition time: June 25-27, 2008

Venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Fuhua Third Road, Futian Central District, Shenzhen)

booth number: No. 58, block B

about owell

displacement testing technology in the tensile machine owell mainly provides Japan's leading high-end 5-phase stepping motor drive system. Compared with 1.8 ° 2-phase stepping motor, 0,72 ° 5-phase motor plus up to 256 microstep drive clearly explains why Japan's automation control leads the world. Except for small 1 In addition to the precise control of the tensile strength of the single cast test bar, the 5-phase drive enables your machine to reduce the noise and vibration caused by low-speed friction when this kind of experimental machine is currently a kind of experimental machine with comparable functions. Use 5-phase control to make your company's products different from competitors

in addition to the above 5-phase stepping products, it also provides a 2-phase stepping motor drive system with the technology of a famous German motion control enterprise as the core, which improves the problems of the inherent stepping motor control system (out of step, heating... Etc.) one by one, reduces the cost with the simplified design of the system, improves the control efficiency, and is widely used in semiconductors, LCD manufacturing devices, dispensing machines, medical instruments, Industrial microscope and other working machines

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