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Owens Corning's new product report - xstrand h untwisted roving for long-span pultrusion products

Owens Corning company of the United States showed the shrinkage failure of the unconfined rock sample under the effect of longitudinal pressure in January, when the annual Rotating Zigzag rod exhibited xstrand h untwisted roving at the JEC composite Exhibition on March 30, which is a new high-performance reinforcing material designed for manufacturing long-span composite products by pultrusion process

xstrand h twistless roving is made of proprietary boron free glass formula, which conforms to R glass standards iso2078, ASTM c162 and DIN b1259, and has better performance than traditional E glass:

· stiffness is increased by 15%

· strength increased by 20%

· the fatigue resistance is increased by 10 times under a given load

· strong acid resistance is equivalent to that of E-CR glass

it is reported that using this new type of twistless roving can be used to produce composite products with longer span, lighter weight, smaller deformation and excellent strength, especially the safety protection function of the microcomputer controlled electronic experimental machine. It is suitable for industrial applications with high requirements, such as ladder poles, street lamp poles, telescopic suspenders, etc

xstrand h twistless roving can provide much better fatigue resistance and prolong the service life of products. Although it is developed for polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy resin, it can also be used in acrylic and polyurethane resin systems to manufacture long-span structural beams

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