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P & G unveils the imflux process: a new injection molding technology

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core tip: Hamilton, Ohio -- after four years of confidentiality, American consumer goods giant P & G unveils the imflux process, which is a new injection molding technology, which uses low stable pressure to inject plastic into the mold, The mold and nozzle are controlled by software and pressure sensors. Focus on germanium, lithium and zirconium small metal varieties with high prosperity in the industry

[China Packaging News] Hamilton, Ohio -- after four years of confidentiality, the American consumer goods giant P & G unveiled the imflux process, which is a new injection molding technology, which uses a low stable pressure to inject into the mold, and the mold and nozzle are controlled by software and pressure sensors

P & G has a market value of US $65billion, and its subsidiaries have a series of global brands, such as Gillette, head & shoulders, Cargills, tide and suyijie. P & G set up a new department with 150 employees in 2013, called imflux, which is responsible for developing new injection molding technology and has now opened the license to the industry. P & G executives have been very tight lipped since the company set up this department in 2013, but now they have begun to talk about the details of this technology at industry activities

Plastics visited P & G's headquarters in Hamilton, north of Cincinnati, with an area of 200000 square feet on September 21. The company took a tour of the imflux department, where employees designed and produced molds for imflux, and worked with consumers to further refine the injection molding technology

imflux executives said that in a sense, this technology has completely subverted the traditional injection molding process. Jean, chief technology officer of imflux Gene altonen emphasized that "we use low voltage and stable voltage operation". Jean has been working at P & G for 27 years and is an injection molding expert. He said, "imflux can really adjust the viscosity change in real time. When there is a change in the material, temperature or mold, it can adjust it in real time, making the whole injection molding process more stable."

imflux is a standard injection molding technology, which can complete the traditional high-speed, high-pressure injection molding, packaging and cooling processes. Jain said, "these processes can be completed synchronously, because we are also packaging and cooling synchronously when filling plastic raw materials. Therefore, when the injection molding is completed, it is basically the finished product. Some thicker molds may need further cooling, but the cooling time is also greatly reduced. We no longer add stress and heat to the molds."

compared with traditional injection molding technology, imflux can reduce the cost of mold, shorten the time of the whole injection molding cycle, and allow the use of smaller injection molding machines, thereby reducing the hardware investment cost

the company said that this technology mainly relies on special software and different types of sensors in injection molding machines and molds. Imflux technology comes from the internal goal set by P & G's leading product we dial hydraulic universal testing machine years ago, that is, to reduce the cost and time by half to produce molds

20 leaders related to plastic products from P & G departments formed a team called "upgrading enterprise development project team". Jean recalled the scene and said: "Our method is to first determine the factors that determine the cost and time of these molds. Most of the factors are attributed to high pressure. Therefore, we must use hard steel tools, and we must adopt a multi-step processing process, first rough processing, then semi processing, and finally processing into finished products. These all take time. If we can finish all these steps at one go, then we think of using low-pressure technology."

the company estimates that this injection molding innovation can save P & G hundreds of millions of dollars in material costs and capital costs every year, because it can reduce the cost of stopping on the mold immediately, and allows the use of small tonnage injection molding machines to process the mold. The report says that it can save up to $1billion in costs

CEO Nathan, but the gap is narrowing Nathan estruth said that imflux had not entered the quarterly report of P & G financial analysts, but senior executives had revealed some details of cost reduction at the analyst meeting. He said: "from the core interests of P & G, it is very beneficial to reduce costs."

imflux said that this technology was licensed according to the injection molding machine, and the company refused to disclose the license fee, suggesting that it should be determined according to the needs of users. In addition to internal cost savings, external licensing can also bring considerable benefits to P & G

imflux has not published data on technology transfer, including the number of injection molding machines licensed and used internally by P & G, as well as the number of companies that have used imflux technology

P & G has been cooperating with a number of plastic machinery companies, such as the company's publicity and demonstration on the public day of Claus Murphy in Florence, Kentucky on October 5

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