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Owens Corning Co., Ltd., a world provider of glass fiber composite systems and residential and commercial building materials, showed a variety of innovative composite application solutions at the 17th China International composite industry technology exhibition in 2011

Owens Corning company focused on the application of its products in automobile, construction, energy, industry, transportation industry and other industries. These fields are also gradually changing from traditional materials to solutions for high-performance materials, which provides market opportunities for the rapid promotion and use of high-performance composites

"material science, especially composites, is one of the most important driving forces to promote technological development today," commented Mr. Jean Marc sinkora, vice president of Owens Corning composite business and managing director of Greater China, "Compared with traditional materials, composite technology can provide product developers with greater design freedom in the R & D process of newer and better high-performance products. Owens Corning cooperates closely with customers and designers to help them better understand the advantages of composite materials, the rapid development momentum of China's engineering plastics industry, and how to replace traditional materials to obtain better structural and mechanical properties and better appearance Effect, etc. "

Owens Corning also exhibited several breakthrough solutions based on new high-strength xstrand h glass fiber reinforced materials, including the use of new materials, new technologies and new energy, including cable cores and poles launched for the energy and power market. In addition, the company also introduced pultrusion rods and high-pressure containers used in the industrial field, as well as pallets produced from long fiber thermoplastic reinforced plastic (LFT) type 30 roving

Owens Corning also highlights thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic products used in the transportation industry, such as cargo and cabin floor mats made of flitestrand s roving, which are common in the aviation field. Other exhibits include car spoilers and front-end modules made of Advantex type 30 roving, and silentex noise control and muffler filling systems that can effectively control exhaust noise

at the beginning of this year, Owens Corning also held the opening ceremony for its new production plant in Hangzhou Yuhang Economic Development Zone, creating conditions for the company to better provide localized services to customers in the rapidly developing Chinese market

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