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core tip: Hubei best sanitary products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as best) and Jindeli sanitary products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jindeli). The two companies named were exposed by CCTV because they made adult diapers with loose pulp instead of roll pulp

[China Packaging News] on March 15 every year, major enterprises are worried, because they don't know whether they will be exposed in the March 15 party. Others joked that March 15 was the battlefield of countless corporate pr. at this moment, they were all in front of the TV of the March 15 party, because it was a disguised corporate PR show. This year's March 15 is related to people's livelihood, and the paper closely related to life is impressively listed - Hubei best sanitary products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as best) and Jindeli sanitary products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jindeli). The two companies named were exposed by CCTV because they used loose pulp to replace roll pulp to make adult diapers

(the exterior picture of bester is cut from the CCTV client)

for a time, bester became the target of public criticism, and the news on the network poured in, "black heart diapers", "messy", "moldy" and "seizure" became the accompanying labels, and even dug out that it was once a "civilized and honest private enterprise" in Hubei. On April 28, 2016, Xiantao mayor gukou town and its cooperation project were selected into the high-quality nonwoven industry investment project and signed a contract with Xiantao City from the perspective of efficiency. In April 2017, Hubei best sanitary products Co., Ltd. was selected into the list of 2016 grade a taxpayers of tax credit in Xiantao City. The glory of the past has now become a powerful weapon for the outside world to question. In this regard, the person in charge of the company responded the next day that the video had been shot for a long time, and this exposure was also the work hardening competitors in the industry

this kind of answer, which avoids the important and ignores the primary and secondary, is obviously lack of sincerity. So what is the origin of bester, which sounds like a foreign literal translation enterprise? To this end, China's paper industry has had an in-depth understanding

according to public information, Hubei best sanitary products Co., Ltd. was registered and established in Xiantao Administration for Industry and Commerce on April 14, 2010. Its legal representative is Yi Yongxiang, who is also the person in charge of the response mentioned above. The registered capital of best is 28.88 million yuan, and its business scope includes plastic products, non-woven fabric products, labor protection products, paper products, clothing products, baby products, hardware products, electronic products Production and sales of chemical products, plastic and paper products machinery, and production and sales of sanitary products; Production and sales of class I medical devices; Operate the import and export of goods of the enterprise. China paper entered its official office on March 19 and found that the entrance of its station showed "Korea best group (Hong Kong) International Co., Ltd./Hubei best sanitary products Co., Ltd.", so what is the relationship between the exposed Hubei best sanitary products Co., Ltd. and this Korea best group (Hong Kong) International Co., Ltd

(screenshot of best official entrance)

the information retrieved by China paper on the enterprise search shows that the company has been dissolved. The company was established after Hubei best sanitary products Co., Ltd., established on November 6, 2012 and wound up on June 30, 2016

(screenshot self-examination)

however, if the experimental environment of Hubei best sanitary products is not planned in advance, the officials of Hubei best sanitary products Co., Ltd. still haven't made adjustments, and the introduction column of the company on the official page impressively puts Korea best group (Hong Kong) International Co., Ltd. at the beginning, and the company history column describes in detail today's best 11 Curve traversal: the origin of bester after the completion of the experiment - "South Korea bester group is an enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of health care products. In order to better improve the brand coverage in Asia, in June 2009, it negotiated and signed a contract with Xiantao Tianhong Health Products Co., Ltd. and jointly invested 160 million yuan to officially establish Hubei bester Health Products Co., Ltd."

(screenshot of bester official)

but when China paper searched the so-called professional enterprise bester group in Korea, there was no relevant news. Can we think that bester group (Hong Kong) International Co., Ltd. in Korea is what the official said bester group in Korea? If so, South Korea best group (Hong Kong) International Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012, while Hubei best sanitary products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, two years before South Korea. The investor company is two years later than the new company. The "foreign" head of this international model is really mysterious

(screenshot of bester related information enterprise)

finally, China paper found the answer in terms of company equity. Hubei best sanitary products Co., Ltd. has three shareholders, all of whom are individuals, and there is no company, not to mention the Korean best group introduced by the official. From the perspective of equity, it should be a family enterprise. Yi Yongxiang, the major shareholder and actual controller, holds 49.24% of the shares, and Yi Han, who holds 20.01% of the shares, is his son. In October, 2018, Sohu released "Yi Han:" I didn't make best, but best made me. "The article clearly mentioned the true origin of best's name -" meaning best homophony and name "...

(report screenshot)

if you knew that the establishment of best company was so" strange ", would you still be shocked by the 3.15 exposure of using loose pulp instead of roll pulp to make adult diapers? When it comes to why best wants to use bulk pulp instead of roll pulp to make adult diapers, the CCTV report also tells the reason - because the price of bulk pulp per ton is about 4000 yuan, while the price of roll pulp in line with the national standard is about 8000 yuan. We can imagine the profit space brought by using unqualified bulk pulp. The national standard of the people's Republic of China GB hygienic standard for disposable sanitary products makes detailed and specific mandatory requirements for various hygienic standards that disposable sanitary products should meet. Among them, the hygienic requirements for raw materials specify that "it is forbidden to use waste sanitary products as raw materials or semi-finished products", and bulk pulp is made from waste sanitary products that are explicitly prohibited in the national standard. The bulk pulp used by bester is processed from recycled old diapers. These waste diapers are contaminated with large stains, and even moldy. They enter the production line without any treatment. Because there is a thin non-woven cloth outside, it is difficult to find the dust, stains, mildew spots and other dirty substances in the bulk pulp, and such bulk pulp, Jindeli is even used to produce dual-purpose towels for women and infants! Regardless of profit and appearance, what harm will the use of such sanitary products bring to people

taking women as an example, the data shows that in the past, when there were no sanitary napkins, women mostly used pollution-free and cheap toilet paper. At that time, women had few gynecological diseases, but now their living standards have been improved, science and technology have been developed, and things used have been advanced. On the contrary, more and more people have diseases, especially gynecological diseases. Of course, there are many reasons, but dirty sanitary napkins are one of the important reasons for this disease! According to the statistics of authoritative departments, a woman needs about 15000 sanitary napkins in her life. As early as 1996, a large-scale statistics in China showed that 38% of the women who use sanitary napkins are sick. It is self-evident that unclean sanitary products do harm to women, not to mention the elderly and infants with low resistance and immunity. Women, the elderly and infants are vulnerable groups and need extra care and care. As we all know, best certainly sees more clearly. In the publicity, best advertises that he "is based on the purpose of caring for the health care of the elderly and children", but in fact, between moral conscience and financial interests, Best chose to pursue profits, but such a bad business has been recognized for its quality for years, and it is even a "key protected enterprise in Xiantao City"

(the picture is cut from baister official)

(the picture is cut from baister official)

(the picture is cut from baister official)

in addition, from the response of the person in charge the next day, it is obvious that baister did not recognize the essence of its own problems and lacked the responsibility to face the problems directly in the vortex of public opinion

as a processing enterprise at the same time, how many enterprises are involved in the downstream and how many suppliers are involved in the upstream bulk pulp? If there is no so-called "industry competition", whether such enterprises will sing all the way, and how many "bests" there are in the sanitary products industry is unknown... But for our own health and safety, we hope that enterprises can awaken their conscience, shoulder their due responsibilities, conduct business with integrity, and self-discipline, Relevant departments should be more strict in supervision and investigation, and multi pronged measures can ensure people's livelihood and promote harmony

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