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The war of Chinese paint design: how far is manufacturing from creation

the war of Chinese paint design: how far is manufacturing from creation

March 18, 2015

[China coating information] the coating industry is one of the oldest industries in China. In recent years, it has developed rapidly. Lecong Town, Shunde District has become the "capital of China's coating trade". However, the originality of the coating industry has become the bottle of the development of the coating industry. At the annual meeting of the Davos Forum in Switzerland, the impact experiment in the electrical profession has aroused the reflection of insiders

According to incomplete statistics, there are at least 50000 enterprises in China's coating industry, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, and the industry concentration is very low. At present, no enterprise has a market share of more than 1%. In order to realize economic benefits as soon as possible, it has become the choice of most small enterprises to copy, copy and even "bring in" from abroad

in addition, most Chinese coating enterprises are seriously lack of awareness of brand building and their own unique creativity, and their awareness of intellectual property protection is relatively weak, resulting in intellectual property "worthless". A paint manufacturer complained that the company had just launched a newly designed product at the exhibition. Just a month later, they found that a large number of counterfeit products of the same style appeared in the market, and the price was much lower than their original products

many people of insight in the industry expressed concern about the trend of imitation and plagiarism in the industry: when plagiarism has become a "normal phenomenon" that people hate but can't accept, when enterprises believe that sales decide everything, the end of the coating industry is not far away

when can coating enterprises get out of the difficulties of design

with the prevalence of imitation and plagiarism, it is a vicious circle for the entire coating industry, affecting DuPont in the coating industry: the healthy development of the world's first DuPont Tyvek 40L medical packaging material. Some innovative enterprises invested a lot of financial and material resources. After the products were quickly copied, the products could not be protected, and the market composition was impacted, resulting in these innovative enterprises unwilling to take the path of innovation. In the long run, "China's paint manufacturing industry will eventually fall collectively due to the serious lack of awareness of innovation and knowledge as a layered structure of property rights."

as far as paint enterprises are concerned, imitation and plagiarism cannot make enterprises go far. When the enterprise develops to a certain scale, it has changed from direct product marketing to brand marketing, and original design has naturally become one of the core competitiveness of the enterprise brand. At this time, the enterprise will stand at both ends of the smile curve to obtain higher profits. Moreover, once the brand is labeled as imitation and plagiarism, it will damage the brand image of the enterprise

in fact, if paint enterprises want to open their own brands and move forward, they must have their own core competitiveness, have their own original works, create in China instead of made in China, and get rid of madeinchina

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