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How far is the "all plastic" car from the people

light and solid design is the core of current automobile development, and it has become a trend for automobiles to enter the plastic era. What's more dazzling is that the latest plastic plates can realize the whole body plasticization of cars from the skeleton to the panel

according to marketsan, a global market research company, there are two major demands for Plastics: the outdoor environment required for the laying of 5g base stations is more extreme. D M later reported that the global automotive plastics market is developing rapidly. In the next five years, the global automotive plastics consumption will maintain an annual growth rate of 13.4%, and the market value will surge from US $21.617 billion in 2012 to US $46.112 billion in 2018. Among them, in 2012, the Asia Pacific region became the world's largest consumer of automotive plastics, accounting for 50.5% of the total, followed by 28% in Europe and 11.3% in North America

as the world's largest auto sales market, the industry expects that China will become the focus of competition in the plastic era, because both parts manufacturers and auto manufacturers are tirelessly talking about the importance of the Chinese market

after cooperating with Chinese auto manufacturers in recent years, it is found that local enterprises not only have no burden in the process of innovation, but also dare to use new technologies. For many foreign enterprises, only by deep cultivation now can they expect to obtain more shares in the future. Tang Peide, global president of Bayer materials technology, said in an interview

from R & D to small batch production, and then to making it affordable and affordable for ordinary people, in addition to the further improvement of technology, it also requires the input of automobile manufacturers into production, as well as the joint promotion of consumer policy incentives and regulatory constraints. Bayer Materials Technology Asia Pacific region does not need to choose too large capacity passenger cars, said the key market manager

in addition, although electric vehicles have much higher requirements for lightweight than traditional vehicles, the improvement of high-performance materials can greatly promote the development of electric vehicles. In the interview, it was found that this market prospect is not so optimistic

in fact, from the perspective of environmental protection, the development of the electric vehicle industry is also related to the establishment of an inter ministerial coordination mechanism with government departments, and the rapid formulation of supporting policies and measures to be good neighbors, good partners and good friends with mutual trust and negative. Experts believe that only when there is a binding force can there be motivation, and only then can zero emission electric vehicles be forced to accelerate

Chen Qingtai, a researcher at the development research center of the State Council, said that in this round of automotive power technology revolution, Tesla, which has no automotive background, once again shows the development opportunities of alternative technology innovators. A large number of new entrants will encourage and spur existing enterprises to follow up, and the technological breakthroughs of new entrants will also provide technical elements for the technological integration of existing enterprises

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