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From January to October 2006, the solvency and development capacity of the paper and printing industry

from January to October 2006, how should the industry wide large and medium-sized state-owned and holding collective joint-stock cooperative joint-stock foreign capital, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan other assets negative material testing machine upgrade the debt ratio% 58.3957.2958.7560.8550.5654.9761.4957.0357.48 cash ratio%55.7665.7357.4867.8054.0147.2864.8854.2656.82 sales growth rate%23.6121.5517.4812.2822.0614.2614.1322.6925.91 Capital accumulation rate%15.9627.0515 2313.. 2119.4428.35 growth rate of total assets%13.1419.4415.080 752.. 8614.9020.25 three year average profit growth rate%42.6850.9329.0737.336.8543.369.1646.6960.74 three year average capital growth rate%15.9627.0515 2313.. 211 machine no action 9.4428.35

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