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Virtual reality: how far is it from us

virtual reality, also known as virtual reality or spiritual world, is a computer system that can create and experience virtual world. It uses computer technology to generate a realistic virtual environment with multiple senses such as vision, hearing and touch. Users interact with entities in the virtual environment through the use of various interactive devices to produce an immersive feeling of interactive visual simulation and information exchange, It is an advanced digital man-machine interface technology. Compared with traditional simulation technology, its main feature is that the operator can really enter an interactive three-dimensional virtual environment generated by computer, interact with it and communicate. Through the interaction between participants and the simulation environment, and with the help of people's own perception and cognitive ability of the things they touch, it helps to inspire the thinking of participants, so as to obtain all kinds of spatial and logical information contained in the virtual environment in an all-round way

interactivity is the substantive feature of virtual reality, and the realistic conception of space-time environment (that is, the process of enlightening thinking and obtaining information) is the ultimate goal of virtual reality. Since the birth of virtual reality technology, it has shown great economic, military and social benefits in the fields of military simulation, advanced manufacturing, urban planning/geographic information system, medical biology and so on. Together with network and multimedia, it is called the three most promising technologies in the 21st century

virtualreality (referred to as V5: hydraulic universal experimental machine R in the process of operation; also translated as spiritual realm, Illusory Reality) is a high-tech emerging in recent years, also known as spiritual realm technology or artificial environment. Virtual reality is the use of computer simulation to produce a three-dimensional virtual world, providing users with visual, auditory, tactile and other sensory simulation, so that users can observe things in the three-dimensional space in a timely and unrestricted manner as if they were experiencing their environment. VR is a comprehensive and integrated technology, involving computer graphics, human-computer interaction technology, sensing technology, artificial intelligence and other fields. It uses computers to generate realistic three-dimensional visual, auditory, olfactory and other senses, so that people, as participants, naturally experience and interact with the virtual world through appropriate devices. When the user moves the position, such as hardness, conductivity, porosity, etc., the computer can immediately carry out complex calculations, and transmit the accurate 3D world image back to produce a telepresence. This technology integrates the latest development achievements of computer graphics (CG) technology, computer simulation technology, artificial intelligence, sensing technology, display technology, network parallel processing and other technologies. It is a high-tech simulation system assisted by computer technology. Generally speaking, virtual reality is a new way for people to visually operate and interact with complex data through computers. Compared with traditional man-machine interface and popular window operation, virtual reality has made a qualitative leap in technical thought. "Reality" in virtual reality generally refers to any thing or environment in the world in the physical or functional sense. It can be actually realizable, or actually difficult or impossible to realize. And "virtual" means computer generated. Therefore, virtual reality refers to a special environment generated by computer. People can "project" themselves into this environment by using various special devices, and operate and control the environment to achieve special purposes, that is, people are the master of this environment

looking forward to the next five years, virtual reality will be closer to human beings, and the service items given to virtual reality will be increasingly diversified. In the application field of virtual reality, Internet-based applications will have unprecedented explosive power. The integration of virtual reality and voice intelligence will add wings to the network platform of virtual reality

Microsoft ushered in the first era of world interconnection, and Yahoo and Google ushered in the second era of interconnection; The third generation of Internet will definitely be an international company integrating virtual reality technology. The world's great Internet company, China's plastic extruder industry is moving forward healthily and persistently. Most of the companies were born in the United States. If China can also produce world-class companies such as great companies like Microsoft, the opportunity will be in the field of virtual reality. And virtual reality, which integrates intelligent voice and intelligent reasoning technology, has more space and imagination

although second life has made waves in the field of virtual reality, a greater virtual reality platform may be in the pipeline. Its birth may be in the United States, but China is worth looking forward to. Its date of birth, perhaps in 2008, may also be other But it should be in the next five years at the latest. The form of expression may be segmentation, or the system may be more stable, integrated and applied. Of course, there is a wonderful combination of human emotion, economy and human desire

it can be asserted that the protagonist of Internet may be virtual reality in the next five years. Of course, the eternal protagonist will remain unchanged, that is - you

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